Whatever happened to good television?

I used to love Christmas TV. It used to be so amazing. The anticipation of getting the Christmas edition of the TV guide, planning what channel to watch, I think one year I even drew up my own little time table. Christmas TV meant new films (maybe 3 years old), it meant star wars, Indiana jones, James Bond and so much more.

Was it that good? Or has my memory gone all rose tinted? I think it was that good. My most vivid memory was new years eve and all the kids coming over to ours to watch our massive 20″ TV. We were treated to ewoks, Jedi and a death star. It was awesome. Being born in 1979 I can only assume it must have been the first time that it, return of the Jedi, had been shown on tv, I must have been about nine, and the build up to that evening was immense. All my friends talking about it for weeks before and weeks after. I felt like Luke, I was a Jedi legend.

So what has happened to Christmas TV? Her comes the list…

1) more films being released. The big, stand out blockbusters are no more. I for one have heard ‘the biggest film of the year’ used in January, February and so on. So many films, none of them as amazing. Or it could be that…

2) I have got old. It is a sad fact that I do not even know what is on in the cinema at the moment. That’s either getting old or having kids. Both equate to the same thing really.

3) CGI. Anyone can make a slick looking film these days, with more special effects in the opening sequence than star wars had in the entire trilogy. This for me though makes it less real somehow.

4) satellite TV. Or cable. Whatever you want to call it, they have the money to buy all the big films and show them first. They are the Empire. The BBC are the rebel alliance.

5) cheap DVD sales. The big films on BBC and ITV this year are available at most supermarkets for about £3. I can’t imagine anyone seeing it for the first time over Christmas.

I now have satellite TV. I am part of the empire. Instead of joining the rebel alliance I have turned to the dark side. Today, Yoda, and my 9 year old self, would be very disappointed.


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