Reasons to be cheerful


It has occurred to me that my blogs are critical, scathing and somewhat negative. So instead of telling you what bugs me, I shall attempt to write a list of things I love. I shall consider you my therapist. I shall stop rambling and get on with it.

1) My car. I recently bought a new car (not new but new to me) and I love it. The purchase was filled with trepidation as my last car was within my comfort zone. My last car was an ageing ford with a very big engine and a couple of Knocks in it. It was bought primarily with the idea of having a crash in it, not in an insurance right off kind of way but more in a haven’t driven in London before and it’ll be inevitable kind of way. The thing I love about the new car is that it is automatic. This surprised me really as I have always driven a manual (stick shift if you’re American) and thought that it somehow made me more manly. When you combine the automaticness (not a real word I know) with the cruise control it makes my car as close to a computer game as you can get. All I need to do is steer and push the plus button to go faster and the minus button to slow down. The only down side comes in the form of the bruises on my hand where I go to change gear and whack it on the plastic interior.

2) football (soccer if you’re not from these parts). I won’t go into the club I support as they are doing badly at the moment. Football makes me happy. It’s a time when I can switch off my brain and veg. In fact, most sports give me this lazy brain numbing feeling. I am happy watching rugby, football, snooker, athletics, cycling (I am fascinated by the tour de France), curling, volleyball, tennis. Anything but cricket and baseball. The first I find boring and the second I don’t understand. I’m not a sports nut, I just get drawn into it. So much so that I have stayed up till 2 in the morning watching golf. It drives my wife mad!

3) ale. Not beer, ale. I love the stuff and consider myself an authority on it. I love ale festivals. I love ale drinkers. When you go to an ale festival you get those like me (part time enthusiasts) and the other kind of ale drinker. The other kind are those that live for it, those that are members of ale associations, those that would rather die of thirst than drink lager. You can tell them by the long beards, ill fitting T-shirts of very old rock bands, pot bellies (hence the ill fitting ness of the T-shirt) and the fact they bring their own pint glass to festivals in the form of a big metal tankard. My love for ale has developed over the years and with a few more years practice I hope to join the ranks of the experts.

So there you go. A short list today but I am off to see the rugby with some friends. I will also have a couple of ales, and seeing as I drove to my parents today to drop off my son I reckon that’s a pretty good day for me. All 3 of my fave things.

Of course my family and friends should have been on the list but I figure that kind of goes without saying.

Have a happy Saturday. The photo below is my friend and publisher hoping for a Wales victory today. I’m just hoping for some good beer!


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