We be bloggin

Not really sure about the title. It’s been a while so just kind of chucked it up. I’ve not turned all street/ghetto/yout. Anyway, that’s the title.

So, how’s it going? Good? Good. I’m ok, thanks for asking. It’s been a really long time since I blogged and it left my consciousness for a couple of years until I was emailed by the good people at WordPress, telling me to renew my domain name. It posed the question of whether I want to write and whether I need to blog.

Back when I started it was all about promoting the books. I soon found though that it was quite a cathartic exercise and so continued to blog. Since then I have had another kid (that’s 2 now and they both rock and annoy the hell out of me in equal measure), I’ve had a promotion (assistant head!), I’ve come off Facebook (not as big as the other 2 but still a big lifestyle change) and I’ve moved home (twice actually, and it’s sooooooo stressful).

So consider this a heads up. A call to arms. A warning. A threat.
I shall resume blogging.

Whoop, and indeed, whoop.

Over and out.


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2 thoughts on “We be bloggin

  1. Liz Burdon says:

    Brilliant to hear your voice again. Congrats on assistant head. Doing well in my new school. MA around the corner. Would love to hear from you and about those adorable kids. Lots of love. Liz B.

  2. Nice to hear from you again

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