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More Street Music

Here is my attempt to capture the sounds of East London. Mainly used as an example for the kids in my class (year5 – 9 and 10 year olds). They seemed to like it. Inspired by Arnold Adoff.

Street Music

My city:

the always shouting


noise of the park at night.

The bad boy racers

V   r   o   o   m    v   r   o    o   m   v    r    o    o    m


goes the

bell of the nearly run over cyclist.



rattle trains

screeching down the track with their

chugga                                                  chugga                                                 wheels

The low planes in all

V             o             c              a              b             u             l               a              r              i               e             s

of rumble



My city: the never ending barking of wanna be gangsters dogs and jingle of their leads.

Bark                       bark                                      bark.


And finally sleep.


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Street music

Just another quick note about ‘love that dog’ by Sharon Creech. Just finished marking some of the poems based on street music by Arnold Adoff. It’s amazing the things kids in a inner city school hear and are immune to. Things that would have made me run a mile as a kid. Some amazing poems, full of onomatopoeia and set out in wonderful ways. You can almost hear Deptford while you read them.


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A week of poems

We have been writing poetry all this week using the Sharon Creech book ‘love that dog’. It’s so easy to get lessons from and introduces children to classic poets in a fun way. In the book, we learn how to write poetry with a boy who believes that poetry is for girls. Anyway, here is my poem about someone who inspires me. It’s the kids turn later. Hope you like it.

Inspired by Roald Dahl.

An author I love who goes the extra mile, the fabulous, wonderful, great mr Dahl.

Squishy things wriggling that look just like pasta, enormous peaches and kids who learn faster. Orange men dancing while making their sweets, children called George concocting his treats. Giants that take away all your bad dreams and foxes fantastic with eyes all a gleam. Stories to listen to over again, with characters funny and some round the bend.

An author I love who goes the extra mile, the fabulous, wonderful great, mr Dahl.

With so many books it’s hard to chose which, the one about tortoises, no let me switch. The one about chocolate, yes that’s the one. Whichever you read it’s guaranteed fun. No wait, I can’t make up my mind let me switch. Ah yes, the best one, all about the high witch.

An author I love who goes the extra mile, the fabulous, wonderful, great mr Dahl.

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