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CCTV Christmas

So I went out to do a bit of shopping. I didn’t stay long! I could go into all the old clich├ęs about consumerism and packed shopping centres, full people being herded from shop to shop like cattle, but it seems overdone.

Instead, I would like to show you this pic I took. There are many of these fake baubles all over the trees at my local shopping centre. It appears that the season of good will towards men is long since gone. Is it now the season of the shoplifter?

I suppose if you have been naughty, if you aren’t getting any presents from Santa anyway, then you need to get your own. Surely though, buying them would be better.

Remember, Santa is always watching.


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Christmas poem

Thought would have a go a a not so classic Christmas poem.

Christmas shopping

Crush, push, wait,walk.
It is the last minute Christmas shop.

Indistinguishable mutterings over the shop loudspeaker, directing a staff member, like a Devine message, to where they are needed.

Bags full of worry, weighing down already sunken shoulders. Presents of ‘will they like it?’ and ‘do they already have it?’

Modern bands covering classic songs, regurgitated each year. Played earlier and earlier and earlier.

Christmas is coming. The threat of this mammoth beast, ready to come and take over your life.

The look on the persons face when they open the present, the sunshine smile that spreads across it. The forgotten memory of the battle, once glory has been achieved.

The annual mantra of ‘I’ll start earlier next year.’

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